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The Bubbles

Yesterday afternoon we went to the strangely yet appropriately named ‘South Bubble.’ The South Bubble is a several hundred foot tall mountain in Acadia National Park just outside of Bar Harbor. It is called a bubble due to its bubble-like shape as it emerges from the ground, and is just south of the slightly taller North Bubble. We were dropped off in the parking lot at the base of the land mass and began the short hike up. As we neared the top, we stopped to practice creating topographical maps at a clearing to create our rendition of the surrounding landscape. We continued to and past the summit towards the southern side to overlook Jordan Pond as well as the distant ocean. From that vantage point it was clear to see where the glaciers came through several thousand years ago and shaped the landscape today. After hiking down (in a sudden rain storm) we made a quick stop at the coast before heading into Bar Harbor for dinner.