Meet the Scientists

Dr. Johan Erikson is an Associate Professor in SJC’s Sciences Dept.   His background is in geology and environmental sciences, with degrees from Dartmouth College and Stanford University.  Dr. Erikson  has research projects in sedimentary geology and in alpine snow chemistry.  His favorite outdoor activities are nordic ski racing and mountain climbing.

Dr. Greg Teegarden is a full Professor in SJC’s Sciences Dept.  Dr. Teegarden’s background is in oceanography and marine ecology, he has a MS. degree in oceanography from the University of Maine and a PhD. from the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography. His principal research interests are plankton dynamics, harmful algal blooms, and marine food webs. For fun, Greg likes outdoor activities, particularly winter camping, and mountain climbing ( left over from being an undergraduate at the University of Colorado).

Danielle Martin is currently a Sophomore studying Marine Science at Saint Joseph’s College. She is from Rochester, NH and she enjoys being at the beach whether it be a lake or ocean. Danielle also enjoys camping, hanging out with friends, and going on spontaneous adventures. Danielle hopes to work at a rehabilitation center for marine life.

Joe O’Reilly is a Junior at Saint Joe’s as a Marine Science Major and a part of the SJC Lacrosse team. He enjoys being by the water any chance he gets whether fishing or hiking to get that amazing view at the top.  He is currently the reigning Yahtzee champion on the trip.

Avery Liotta-Henderson is a Sophomore at Saint Joseph’s College as a double major in Environmental Science and Chemistry. He is a member of the Track and Field team and Cross-Country team. He works at the school’s cafe as a server and really likes his job. He dreams of finding cures for rare diseases.

Tyler Allen is a Junior studying Environmental Science at Saint Joseph’s College. He is from Gorham Maine and is an avid fresh and saltwater fisherman of many species, primarily bass. He is almost always on the water trying to catch something.

Jessica Selva is a Senior at Saint Joseph’s College studying Environmental Science.  She is originally from Upstate NY but enjoys living in Maine much more.  She enjoys being at the beach, going to yard sales and spending time with her dog.  After she graduates she hopes to be able to use her degree in the rail transportation industry.

Leia Berube is a Junior at Saint Joseph’s College studying  Environmental Science with a minor in Sustainability. She is also part of SJC Swim team. Since she only has two more years left of college she is thinking about attending graduate school somewhere in the west. Leia loves traveling around the world and hanging out with friends and family.

Olivia Marable is currently a Junior studying Marine Science at Saint Joseph’s College. She is from Buffalo, NY and is the SJC swim team manager. Olivia enjoys going to concerts, photography, urban exploration, and hanging out with friends. She loves to travel and in the future, Olivia hopes to work at a rehabilitation center for marine life.

Ben Poisson is currently a Junior at St. Joe’s as an Environmental Science Major with a minor in Chemistry. He enjoys mountain biking, fly fishing, and pretty much anything outdoors. Ben hopes to join the Peace Corps after his time at St. Joe’s.

Emma Mills is a Sophmore at Saint Joseph’s College studying Marine Biology. She is also part of the SJC fieldhockey team. She is from Westport Ma and loves taking pictures. She is always by the water and climbing on the rocks for the amazing views.

Andrew Merlino is the teaching assistant, working with the faculty during the duration of the trip.  Andrew is a recent alumnus from Saint Joseph’s College, graduating with a degree in Marine Science. He is a veteran of the first ESS in 2014 and is interested in persuing a career in aquaculture. He enjoys swimming, playing/ watching baseball, and cooking.