Go Green and Go Home!

As students are leaving Saint Joe’s for the summer, there’s something that isn’t: their stuff. This year the EcoReps have taken it upon themselves to collect donated goods from students moving out of the dorms and distributing those goods to local charities and non-profits, including GoodWill, Pink Feather, and the Standish Food Pantry. Combined, the EcoReps and their advisor, Energy Efficiency Coordinator, Heather Craig, have spent 115 hours over the past month collecting, sorting, and bringing items to organizations. The amount of donated items was staggering – many trips had to be made to each charitable organization.

The 2018 – 2019 EcoReps

EcoReps President Rachel Bruns and EcoReps Advisor Heather Craig taking a van full of donated items to GoodWill.

EcoReps President, Rachel Bruns, has held on to many of the items in the hopes of starting a free Monk’s Market next year. Students, staff, and faculty, could ‘shop’ at the market for free goods to decorate their offices or dorm rooms, and would be able to donate their own goods at any time.

Donated items that will be kept to start Monk’s Market.

Monk’s Market will encourage students to choose secondhand items, reducing their carbon footprint and promoting a shared community. Keep an eye out for more information on Monk’s Market!

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