CASE Scholars

L to R: Caleb Gravel ’19, Marissa Hoffman ’21, Rebecca Barulli ’20, Priscilla Carnaroli ’22, Rachel Bruns ’21, and Shamma Alzefiri ’22.

Saint Joseph’s College actively supports students who show extraordinary commitment to environmental sustainability and community by offering CASE scholarships. These CASE Scholars not only receive a monetary award but also join an exciting community-based learning program while pursuing a minor in sustainability studies and/or Leadership and Community Engagement. Scholars will increase their service and leadership skills while studying in one of the most rapidly growing fields of the 21st century in preparation for productive futures in the emerging green economy. CASE Scholars participate in special classes, workshops, seminars, and off-campus community-based projects. They also mentor and lead students from all disciplines who are interested in making the world a better place.

The CASE Scholarship Program is part of Saint Joseph’s College’s Community-Based Learning Program. It seeks to embody the mission and values of the College through a four-year progressively challenging program that builds students’ capacity while benefiting communities. Each year, CASE Scholars are asked to engage in activities that will increase their abilities and understanding of how best to sustain our shared world.


Priscilla Carnaroli

Priscilla Carnaroli ’22 is majoring in Medical Biology with a Pre-Vet focus. She is an AmeriCorps minimum time member, which has led her to participate in window builds. She also helped teach a class about energy efficiency to a group of students who were from different countries that are now living in the United States. She felt that this was a really great experience and is excited to be doing it again soon. Along with this, she has helped out with other events on campus including the Waste Audit, SJC Gets Lit, Plastic Free SJC, and is working at the freight farm here at SJC. In the future she hopes to become a veterinarian and continue with this type of work. From this program with the other CASE Scholars, Priscilla is happy to be getting experience with the community and to be learning so many new things while enhancing communicating and networking skills.


Caleb Gravel

Caleb Gravel ’19 is majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Sustainability Studies and Biology. After graduation, Caleb plans on entering the Conservation Biology field to help manage and conserve our land and biodiversity. His interests include any outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, and kayaking, as well as photography, and baseball.

Rebecca Barulli

Rebecca Barulli ’20 is majoring in Environmental and Marine Science. As she learned more about the environment, specifically the ocean, she was determined to do everything she could to figure out a way to stop anthropogenic climate change and the other problems that are facing the world today. In the future she hopes to find a job in the marine science field that will enable her to make change and to help the environment. The CASE program has allowed her to be passionate about sustainability here on campus while also researching and learning about sustainability around the world.


Rachel Bruns

Rachel Bruns ’21 has always been interested in community service and helping others. Since she was little she has loved to help in any way she can, and as she has gotten older and learned about sustainability, it was a perfect fit to combine those interests. A big reason why Rachel became so interested in sustainability and the environment was because they are so important to the future of our planet. Here at SJC, she is learning more about sustainability and the environment all the time, which she describes as really interesting and rewarding. Rachel hopes to work with others to continue to raise awareness about sustainability and provide resources to promote it here at SJC and in the community around us.


Marissa Hoffman

Marissa Hoffman ’21 is interested in community and sustainability work because she feels it is more crucial than ever to learn about and educate others on how our actions affect the planet. She had a science class in middle school that focused heavily on sustainability and has been interested ever since. Marissa spent a lot of time volunteering before coming to SJC and even currently works at a garden center back home; she has also devoted her time here at SJC to volunteering as well. Last February, she went on the Midnight Run with the school to hand out food and clothes to the homeless in New York City. In the future Marissa would like to get into scientific journalism or outreach for an environmental organization. One thing she loves about SJC is how much it values hands-on experience. For Marissa, the CASE scholarship is a great opportunity to learn more about sustainability and community outreach and will be beneficial to her future work.


CASE Scholar: Shamma Alzefiri

Shamma Alzefiri

Shamma Alzefiri ’22 is majoring in Nursing here at SJC. She became interested in the community and sustainability based work by meeting the people involved in it and trying it out herself; it turns out, she really enjoys it. She has participated in a lot of community services and the most important one to her was a summer internship in high school called the Cultivating Community Program. Shamma’s goal for the future is to become a successful doctor and to try to make a simple change in our modern world. In the future she hopes to start off as a professional nurse after graduating from SJC. From the CASE Scholarship program, Shamma is hoping to learn more about sustainability and to help the community stay safe and clean.


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