The Sustainability Steering Committee aims to promote, educate, and celebrate our “Attainable Sustainable” Principles.

Sustainability Steering Committee

Sustainability Steering Committee

The Committee embraces the following overarching principles as intrinsic to the development of a solid environmental stewardship ethic throughout the campus community:

* Sustainability involves living and operating in such a way that the needs of all people on this planet can be met – without compromising the ability of future generations to have their needs met.

* To live and work sustainably means using resources responsibly, minimizing pollution and caring for the ecosystems that support us and the millions of other species who call Earth home.

* To make decisions sustainably, the triple bottom line needs to be considered. Is this good for the environment? Is this good for the economy? Is this good for society?

* The work of sustainability is the responsibility of every member of the community, with both small and large scale efforts contributing to the overall vision and mission.

* The degree to which social justice and social equity are in or out of balance influences the degree to which a sustainable culture can thrive.

The following three sets of guidelines form the foundation of our strategic commitment for realizing our mission and vision:

1. In keeping with the President’s 2012 signing of the Saint Francis Pledge of the Catholic Climate Covenant, we will strive to honor the St. Francis Pledge and promote institutional and individual awareness of the relationship between our choice of actions and behaviors and our impact on climate change.

2. In keeping with the President’s 2012 signing of the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, we will develop specific strategies for adopting the seven specified goals and tangible actions in accordance with the Climate Commitment Objectives.

3. In keeping with the College’s affiliation with the Sisters of Mercy, we will embrace the Mercy Environmental Guidelines that strive to foster responsible choices in support of sustainability and regard for the natural world.

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