Meet IIA’s Newest Intern!

Hi! My name is Alexa Hussey. I am a senior psychology major with a minor in social work
promotion here at Saint Joe’s from Rochester, NH. This semester I am interning with the
Institute of Integrative Aging. As graduation approaches, I’ve been more and more focused on
what life will look like post-grad. Being in college during a pandemic, it’s hard to have set
expectations and a plan. As we all have experienced, things can change in a instance. My plan is to be a Child Life specialist after I graduate and my end goal is the work at Boston Children’s Hospital, but I need some experience before the big show. Although my dream is to work with children, being an intern for IIA is a wonderful and unexpected opportunity. I have been so hyper-focused on working with kids for so many years that it’s nice to be given something completely out of my comfort zone and be able to take a step back to make a bridge the gap between older adults and kids. Some obstacles have been thrown my way- my senior year and this internship were not what I expected or planned for, but life has a funny way of making you reflect on what life was like when you *thought* you were in control of your life. When things don’t go the way we plan, we get uncomfortable and think “well now what?” My whole I haven’t been great at asking for help with pretty much anything, but in the last year, I have learned that it is okay to admit you need help. Needing help doesn’t make you look weak or inferior, it shows you have the strength and courage to admit when you are struggling- whether it’s mentally, emotionally, physically, academically, etc. We all need help at times and we all can offer help to those in need.

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