Nature and Grace

During this time of year in New England, nature speaks volumes and louder than any words.

Connors 1

Flowers that are resilient and burst through the snow or endure through a post-blossoming, surprise snowfall … what do they have to tell me?

When I witness these things and take time to listen to the wisdom of creation, what do I learn?

What do I learn about myself?

What do I learn about my brothers and sisters on the journey?

What do I learn about God?


What about the plants look like a pile of sticks and turn into a shower of blossoms?

Connors 3Nature has so much to teach us and here in New England, with a deep experience of the four seasons and how they align with the liturgical seasons, we are sitting in the middle of an encyclopedia, a composite of all spiritualities, the Gospel, and an experience of the Living God!

This week, find five minutes to just stop and look around outside — watch a bud, leaf, branch, blade of grass, or a bird, squirrel, or chipmunk — and listen to what they have to teach or reveal to you about you, others, and God.

Nature speaks words of grace if we take the time to listen.Connors 4


Sr. Kelly Connors, pm, teaches Canon Law for Saint Joseph’s College Online.



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