Climate Change and Recycling!

I saw this a few weeks ago and thought that this is something that I would like to share for other people to see.  It is a post by the website Buzzfeed about how Earth is changing due to climate change.  It uses gifs, which are short animations.  I think it is a pretty cool way to show information, albeit a not so happy topic.

Another cool thing I want to share is this “recycle-to-ride” program that runs in some subways systems in Beijing, China.  Customers insert bottles into a machine and are credited money to their ticket account. After inserting enough bottles, a person can take a free ride on the subway! How great is that? I think that I would love to see something like this here in America.  Not only would it encourage people to recycle, but it would also take lots and lots of littered bottles off of the streets.


-Nhu Vo