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Spring “Break”?


So this is blog attempt number two at writing about spring break, and I thought I would write something a bit more about my own experience as a student. I have been back to classes for three days now, and as a senior, I should have some pretty wild or unique stories to tell about what I have done, right? I would love to tell tales of traveling away for Spring Break Workfest, or of spending my spring break in hot weather surrounded by sand, ocean, and tourists, or maybe a story about getting into a fight with a monkey in Africa for stealing a banana from him—something. The truth is, it is year four, the home stretch, and when people ask me what I did over my break, I give them all the same answer: “A whole bunch of nothing.” And that may be why this post is difficult to write.

I would have liked to spend time on a beach.

I would have like to spend time on a beach.

 My spring break can be summed up in a few words: Walmart, homework anxiety, and shopping.

Walmart: Well, it probably isn’t a big secret that I have been working at Walmart for over two and a half years, stocking shelves in dairy and in frozen. Pretty “cool” job, huh? Yes, especially when during spring break the weather is 30 degrees or less and there is a threat of a snowstorm on your doorstep. Luckily I did not have to pick up any extra shifts. This made me think that, finally, I would get those four 10-page papers done!

Homework Anxiety: A little before completing my first semester as a senior, a super klutz, (who we shall call…myself), spilled some water underneath my laptop. Granted, the laptop wouldn’t work unless it was plugged in anyway, but now the keyboard also would not work. The laptop was almost five or six years old, so it was not a big deal and I just bought a new one. About three weeks into ownership, it started malfunctioning and I couldn’t return it due to the 15-day return policy at Best Buy. So, over break, I was trying to work on some of my papers without my laptop. However, the laptop is still there taunting me, and I just want nothing more than to be lazy during my break. Maybe senioritis really does exist? Maybe the laptop frustration was just too much?

This is mostly what I spent my time doing.

This is mostly what I spent my time doing.

Shopping: Admittedly, I am not much of a shopper. My mother wanted to go shopping a few times, and so did friends. I frequented JC Penney about four times in three days, and went to New Hampshire to see what they may have. Even in New Hampshire, I couldn’t escape Walmart. One of my managers was in the same store I was, of all places!

Simply put, my spring break was nothing to be excited about. It is nothing like you see on movies or TV, and I am sure for many students, they have to spend their time working or stressing out about homework as well. It is okay though. This past spring break brings an even larger realization than just that I did not do anything amazing my final year: I am a senior in my final stretch of college as an undergraduate. Hard work will pay off in the end; I just have to keep my eyes on the prize and cross the finish line.

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