About Chris & Meg

Both Chris and Meg are recent graduates of Saint Joseph’s College, where they met in 2008. They have been invited by Drive School of Basketball as volunteers to help them in their work of social and community development.  Drive aims to transform Kazakh youth into leaders through discipline, love, education and integrity. In addition to coaching, they will also have opportunities on the court to use their gifts as basketball players to build relationships with local college and pro players and help Drive to continue to develop in Almaty, Kazakhstan.


Chris graduated from Saint Joseph’s College in 2012 with a degree in finance. He has been studying abroad for the past year, working on his Master’s in Business Management at Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, England. He was also able to continue to play basketball on the university team at Oxford Brookes.


Chris Petzy ’12

Meg graduated from Saint Joseph’s College in 2011 with a degree in nursing and has been working at Portsmouth Regional Hospital for the past year and a half as an RN. She is also in grad school at the moment, taking online classes at Simmons College in Boston to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.


Meg Daigle ’11

Both Chris and Meg played basketball for Saint Joe’s and are really excited for the chance to be able to be together, using basketball as a way to connect to the world. They are also thankful to have the opportunity to share this wonderful experience with their friends and family, as well the Saint Joe’s community.