Why This New Website Rocks: Mobile and Responsive Viewing

If you’ve ever visited the current sjcme.edu on your smartphone or tablet, you know a thing or two about pinching the screen to see things.


Does it work? Of course. Is it contemporary, the direction the rest of the Web is going? No.

That’s why our new website will be responsive and mobile friendly. And we have good reason to do so: that’s how a good portion of our visitors access the website.

Since 2012, the trend has been for larger percentages of our visitors to experience the College’s home on the Web on mobile or tablet devices. Those numbers look like this when viewed strictly for the month of March:

Mobile: 7%
Tablet: 3%

Mobile: 13%
Tablet: 6%

Mobile: 19%
Tablet: 9%

Mobile: 28%
Tablet: 6%

Combined, we see jumps from 10%, 19%, 28%, and 34% of sjcme.edu visitors using either mobile or tablet devices to engage with and learn more about the College.

Thankfully, our guests will have to pinch no more.

The new sjcme.edu has three display modes: desktop, tablet, and mobile, from largest to smallest viewing screen size. Here’s how the homepage will look across these three categories. Click (or tap, tablet and mobile users) on each image to view it larger for greater detail.


Homepage Desktop


Homepage Tablet


Homepage Mobile

When you downsize from desktop all the way to a mobile device, items on the page literally resize and move around. Menus collapse into tabs known as hamburgers (top right on tablet and mobile views), and images begin to stack.

Why go responsive? Because the website is a vehicle for delivering information, and we want our visitors—whether prospective students, current students, alumni, or community members—to feel at home at our home on the Web.