Countdown to Launch

For first-time visitors of this blog, this is your source for news, updates, and general information regarding Saint Joseph’s College’s redesigned website, anticipated for launch in April 2015.


For returning visitors, welcome back. We’ve got a lot to share.

Save for the URL, which will remain, the College’s new site is almost a total departure from its predecessor. Fully responsive with intuitive user experience, the new is a platform designed to marry multimedia with copy, functionality with art.

With departures, however, come learning curves. Our goal is to make the transition from the old to the new as smooth as possible for all our users. With that in mind, we’d like to share with you some significant differences you’ll notice the first time you visit the new site later this spring.

Consolidation of Web Properties

Rather than maintaining all subdomains, we’ve combined them with That means subdomains you’re used to (, will no longer exist in the same form. Instead, all online programs and alumni content will live within our main online identity: Our website and brand will be more robust and navigable as a result.

Of course, any bookmarks to these subdomains you’ve saved in your browser will automatically redirect to their new counterparts.

mySJC Revamp

mySJC has been an integral component of our current site. A place for College announcements, facilities hours, and other operational information, mySJC is the primary portal for most students, faculty, and staff. With the launch of the College’s new site, mySJC will become even more important. Here’s why.

Whereas the current mySJC is accessible by the public, the new mySJC will be password-protected. You’ll find the link to mySJC in the top right-hand corner of every page of the new site, making it easy to access.

Once you log in with your SJC credentials, you’ll have access to important forms, academic requirements, course schedules, and much more. If you’re looking for something, chances are you’ll find it within mySJC. But this doesn’t mean it’ll be cluttered. Instead, when you log in to the new mySJC, your status as a student, faculty, or staff member will dictate what content is presented to you. And if you are more than one of those community categories, you’ll be able to switch between views with a simple click.

More information, including a video tutorial, on mySJC will be available soon.

What’s Next?

The Marketing & Communications Department is excited for the launch of the new website because it is progress; it’s a huge step forward for our institution. We hope you share this excitement too!

Leading up to launch and afterward, we’ll utilize this blog and other communication channels to share news, tips, and more about the new website. Want to connect with us? Please direct all website questions and comments to