Notes on Editing

A website is a massive, intangible item. It’s ephemeral: a few clicks here, and—voila—there’s the site. One click later—poof, it’s gone.

But redesigning Saint Joseph’s College’s website affords us the opportunity to get hands-on with the site. To mold it. To adjust it. To quantify it.

Quantify? Oh yes.

On one of our servers, we have a special place for a “copy” of the current website. Click on the folder, allow the computer a moment to calculate, and we get a number: 5,259.

That’s 5,259 Word documents, PDFs, images, links, slideshows—every word and image you see on our current website. That one all-encompassing folder holds the DNA of and as we know them today.

Over the course of the summer, students assisted in the extraction of this data, clicking from page to page, photo to photo, gathering every single item that is live on the site.

Occurring now until the launch of the new site, our content/editing team is reviewing every page, every link, shaping the content to meet the form of the new website. It’s time-consuming work, but it’s also one of the key components of creating a website.

In the end, all that data—words, images, links, and more—will fit snugly into a new folder that we’re managing, one that contains approximately 1,000 folders. That number reflects the different pages of the new website. The process is nothing short of its own art form. It’s also a lot of traffic management.

When the new site launches in 2015, visitors familiar with the previous site will recognize some of the key components of the experience. The messaging will be familiar, but we’ll have had the opportunity to revisit copy for fine-tuning and for creating a consistent feel and read throughout

We greatly appreciate the work, insight, and time members of the College community have devoted to the website redesign project, much of which occurred earlier in 2014.

As a reminder, we ask that staff and faculty members designated as editors, who have made changes to pages up until the November 21 cut-off date, please make sure your contacts in Marketing & Communications have all notes on updated pages. For editors of, please direct all notes to Jessica Milose. For, contact Sue Johnson.