Getting to Know mySJC

Now more than a month into the launch of the redesigned College website, the community has had the opportunity to explore and—ultimately—help us improve the new site. For this, we are grateful.

One of the key aspects of the new website is a revamped mySJC experience. mySJC has always functioned as an internal network, and with the new site we are able to better explore what it means to have an internal place for community members.

So, what’s the big deal about mySJC, and how can you use it? Here are some tips to maximizing mySJC’s functions.

Links to External Sites

mySJC serves as a great storehouse for all things SJC. This includes links. As a prospective student or employee, visitors to our site look for stories about students, faculty, staff, and alumni; program details; and contact information. Current community members, however, add another level of engagement: finding their role-specific links. Since these items are not appropriate for (and may even confuse) visiting prospects, they are now housed in mySJC.

Current students will find links to Brightspace, Campus Café, and email. The same is true for faculty and staff members.

Currently, many of these kinds of links appear on the footer of the public-facing website. In the future, the footer will be fine-tuned to show very specific links. However, as is the case right now, links for current community members will always be accessible via mySJC.

Forms & Documents

Another function of mySJC for current community members is obtaining needed forms. Rather than cluttering the public-facing site with various PDFs and forms, mySJC serves to collect and present a variety of much-needed documents for students, faculty, and staff. These forms and documents include: transcript request, access to student records, student handbook, and various Human Resource files.

Marketing & Communications and IT

Looking to connect with the College community or create SJC-branded materials? The new mySJC has that too. By logging in, users can gain access to:

—the Campus Email form;
—SJC letterhead and branding style guide; and
—Marketing & Communications staff contact information.

Keeping it Simple

The new mySJC, thanks to menus on the left navigation rail, provides access to a host of tools for current community members. But to keep access to important links, documents, and more streamlined, the center column of the mySJC homepage provides Quick Links to commonly used tools.

For students, these include, but are not limited to:

—adding Flex dollars to your account;
—access to the bookstore;
—links for Brightspace, Campus Café, and the course catalog;
—IT assistance, like password self-service and computer services;
—internship application form; and
—for those employed by the College, the ADP Kiosk.

For faculty and staff members, Quick Links include, but are not limited to:

—faculty handbooks;
—ADP Portal and Kiosk;
—information about the 2015 Faculty Conference; and
—information that’s similar to student information.

If the information you’re looking for isn’t found on mySJC’s Quick Links homepage, the left navigation column contains several folders with more information. Categories include Information Technology, Human Resources, Marketing & Communications, Administration, and others.

Why mySJC?

The College website welcomes many different kinds of visitors, from prospective students and their families to alumni and members of our internal community. Recognizing the various expectations and needs of these communities, it’s important to provide the right information in the right manner.

mySJC is our internal source for all things SJC, provided in a streamlined, no-nonsense manner for clarity, functionality, and reliability. We encourage you to continue exploring the new mySJC, and we hope it serves as a vital tool for your work and participation with the College.

As we continue into later phases of the website launch, further updates to both the public-facing and internal sections of the website will take place. As major changes occur, we will continue to provide updates via Campus Email and on the website redesign project blog:

As always, please direct any questions or comments to

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