“Veiling Majesty”: Nate Winter’s New Art Installation

Nate Winter, a senior double majoring in business and fine arts, has recently opened his art installation Veiling Majesty on campus.

Utilizing digital photography and woodworking, Winter has set up an interactive display of his artwork in the nursing wing of Mercy Hall, next to the IT office. After the installation’s opening, Winter met with student Jacob Moberg to discuss the installation and explain more about his inspiration for the work.


The artist, Nate Winter


What was your inspiration for this installation?


“Veiling Majesty,” located in Mercy Hall

Growing up in Maine, I have frequently been exposed to the abundance of mica within the state. The complexity of the mica that is formed by its seemingly infinite amount of layers has always enticed me. Pairing my interest in the complexity of mica with my interest in science, I decided to examine the mica under a microscope. Upon doing so, my curiosity expanded into something more. I noticed an array of patterns and prisms more beautiful than anything I had ever experienced.

What was your reasoning for displaying your installation as you have?

I have seen displays and bulletin boards that focus on science. These displays do not seem to attract much of an audience, as many people feel that the broad spectrum of the sciences is too complex to understand as a collective. Therefore, they lose interest in anything related to science. I chose to display these pictures so that viewers will wonder what exactly it is that they are looking at. This installation is meant to show that science is not always a boring topic, but rather a world of beauty.

What sort of satisfaction do you gain from creating art?

As an artist and a musician, I find inspiration in nature. By sharing my artistic and musical compositions, I am able to develop platforms for discussions on nature and science. Through these discussions, I hope to promote ideas and changes that will help to benefit our planet in a sustainable and healthy manner.


For any questions regarding the installation, which will be up for the 2015-2016 academic year, you can contact Winter nwinter@sjcme.edu

(Q&A by Jacob Moberg ’16, editorial intern; photos by Dana Robichaud ’16)