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The ANGEL learning management system will no longer be accessible after June 30, 2015. Please let us know if you have any essential courses or materials that have not been migrated to Brightspace. Please contact us ( or extension 7602) prior to June 1, 2015 to request that your course materials be migrated.



Saint Joseph’s College is pleased to announce that all online students will be assigned a email account. Starting April 15, 2015, students will be required to use their new SJC accounts for all college correspondence. Students can access their accounts via Microsoft Office 365 at and will also have access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. This is exciting news for Saint Joseph’s College Students! We are happy to provide the thousands of students across the globe with an official email account. If students are having issues with their account, please direct them to contact Information Technology at or call 1-207-893-7851.


Inserting and Editing Video with PowerPoint 2013

Justin Sparks  Instructional Technologist

Justin Sparks
Instructional Technologist

Have you ever tried adding video to your PowerPoint presentations, only to have the dreaded “This video format is not recognized, please install ‘X’ codec to playback the video”? Have you ever inserted a video into your PowerPoint presentation that was 30 minutes long, and you only wanted 2 minutes from the middle, but didn’t have the video editing software available to edit it?

Thankfully, PowerPoint 2013 (part of Office 365) has the ability to allow you to insert multiple video formats (MP4, MOV, etc.) without the need to install any of those pesky video codecs to watch the video in your presentation. Also – if you’ve got a long video, but only need the first 1/3 of it, PowerPoint 2013 allows you to trim the video within PowerPoint itself. There’s no need to buy expensive video editing software just to make a quick edit. To see how you can do all of this in PowerPoint 2013, please see the tutorial (6 min.) below:



If you are engaged in on-going research and have not established email alerts to keep informed about recently published articles related to your research topic, watch this brief video to learn how.
Do you have questions? Contact Lynn at the Wellehan Library.


Daria Rosen
Technical Services Associate for the Wellehan Library

Daria 2

I have been working at the library since the fall of 2008. My main responsibilities are the buying and cataloging of library books, DVDs, and journals. The nature of library research has changed from reading print articles to accessing articles online. Part of my job is to make sure students and faculty have access to those resources by keeping our online journals up to date.

In my non-work life, I enjoy knitting, swimming, and biking. I also really love reading and or listening to audio books. I just finished listening to the last book in Ken Follett’s Century trilogy, Edge of Eternity. Currently, I’m reading Storm of Swords, the 3rd book in George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones series. If you like historical fiction and or fantasy with lots of interesting and complex characters, I highly recommend both series.