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The Faculty Center for Instructional Design and Educational Technology is transitioning into our support model. We need your assistance to make it successful. To help track the types of questions, support requests and training needs, we want to centralize incoming requests.

Rather than contacting individual members of the team, please contact askcidet@sjcme.edu, call extension 7602, or come by our office located in Scully Hall for any of these needs. This will help us target specific issues, questions and training needs. And, allow us to better support you. Please, continue to read the INTERCONNECTIONS newsletter for updates and events.
We look forward to supporting you!

~ The CIDET Team


Justin Sparks  Instructional Technologist

Justin Sparks
Instructional Technologist

How To Tell Which Students Are In Brightspace 

Some faculty may have students in Brightspace and in Angel. Because of this, it may be tricky to tell which group of students is in which learning management system. Thankfully, in Campus Café, there is a way to see in your class roster which course and which students are in Brightspace or in Angel. To do this, you will first need to sign into Campus Café. From there, click on the “Faculty/Staff” tab, and then select “Class Schedule/Grades” from the submenu.

Once you have done this, it will list all of the courses that you’re currently teaching. If the Day/Time/Room column is populated with the letters “BRT”, it means that course is located in Brightspace. If the column is blank, then the course is located in Angel.


Brightspace Features:  Discussion View Settings

Desire2Learn has reintroduced “Grid View” to their Brightspace platform. “Grid View” will allow users to quickly print all of the threads within a certain topic. It has the similar layout of a traditional email system in that it will display the post’s subject, the author and the date of the post, without displaying the full text of the posting. To catch a glimpse of “Grid View” and see how you can set it as your default view for your discussion forums, please see the brief tutorial (3 min.) by clicking the image below:




Learning and technology are becoming increasingly intertwined in the educational experiences of SJC students. In this environment, it is essential for students to have ready access to specialized support and assistance with educational technologies used in courses (Brightspace, ePortfolio, Microsoft Office, Prezi, etc.).

The staff of Wellehan Library are committed to providing this support to our students, and we do so in a variety of ways:

  • Collaborating with faculty to provide instruction on specific educational technologies.
  • Developing guides and tutorials students may access on the Library’s website. We recently added support pages for both Brightspace and Microsoft Office:


Please let us know how we may help support your students’ educational technology needs.

Shelly Davis


Click HERE to view a video regarding off-campus access to Wellehan Library electronic resources.


Daniel Joseph – MSEd Full Time Faculty at a Distance09232014_DJ-9

I am a full time instructor in the Online Masters of Science in Education Program here at St. Joseph’s College. For the past several years I have taught Standards Based Teaching and Learning (ED 516) and Community Relations and Communication (ED 536). My past experience includes 22 years in public education; as a high school teacher, assistant principal, and an elementary principal. During this time I was able to gain authentic experiences in building and leading a Competency Based System of teaching and learning.

One of my current projects is to align our current MSEd online courses to national standards. This work is the first step in bringing our students into a Competency Based System. Currently, educational courses are being aligned to the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards and/or the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) national standards. Alignment is essential for our students to be able to demonstrate their learning to the proficiency level of these standards, ensuring a strong foundation for licensure for professional certifications.

As St. Joseph’s College Online examines what learning in a Competency Based system might look like, we will need to leverage a learning management system that will meet the needs of learners and aid in their demonstration of these national standards. Brightspace has the tools to aid both the instructor and the student in monitoring and measuring learner proficiency to the standards. Working with CIDET, we are able to provide a rigorous and engaging experience for our learners. With tools like ePortfolios and Competency Based proficiency scales, we will create a learning experience that will afford our students a meaningful advantage in their careers and lives. When thinking about course design and delivery in a competency based system, I am thankful for the CIDET team. They have the knowledge and tools to support faculty as we collaboratively bring rigorous and relevant learning opportunities for our students.