Brightspace is equipped with a perfectly viable tool for creating quizzes or self-assessments. However, there are times when the aesthetics of a course demand something that is visually more interesting than what can be built in the learning management system.

Enter Storyline

As instructional designers, we can create quizzes, self-assessments, and/or other interactive items that support content and seamlessly integrate with the aesthetics of your course. Storyline is a tool that allows us to do this, and I encourage you to begin thinking about how you might incorporate more interactivity into your own course(s), to enrich the student’s experience. Is it necessary, for example, to grade every interaction, or would it be advantageous to allow students to interact with content at no risk to their course grade? Sure, some students won’t complete ungraded activities; but, if we can make a convincing case for the relevance of such exercises and integrate them into the framework of courses, I trust that most students will take part.