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Enabling/Disabling Activity Summary Notification

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with those activity summary notifications you receive for your courses from Brightspace? Are you interested in receiving such notifications? My Just(in) time training video this month focuses on setting up  these notifications and how to disable them. You can set these notifications up to give you a summary of everything that has been done in your course(s), from discussion postings, quiz attempts, and dropbox submissions. To see how you can set up these notifications, or to turn them off for a particular course or two, please see the tutorial (5 min.) below:


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 Janice Rey

Full-Time Faculty, Education Department


Janice Rey came to Saint Joseph’s College in 2004 to join the Education Department as a full-time faculty member. She teaches a variety of curriculum and methods courses within the program in addition to supervising student teachers during their capstone experience. After close to thirty years of teaching in public school systems in four states, Janice remains dedicated to her vocation.

In January, Janice participated in a Mercy Retreat on campus to begin the Year of Mercy.  Sister Linda Werthman RSM , the facilitator, introduced the participants to an App called “Mercy-ing” produced by the Sisters of Mercy International Institute. The Mercy-ing App offers morning and evening reflections around a specific theme. For example, the morning reflection begins with the following phrase, Mercy and justice shall meet. The next slide presents a prompt for the day such as, The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of our world (Marianne Williamson). The next slide has two questions: How does this speak to my life today? How am I invited to live Mercy today? There is a timer that can be adjusted for 3 minutes, 5 minutes and 8 minutes.

In order to make the Year of Mercy a part of the students’ lives, Janice decided to add a message about the Year of Mercy to her syllabi and incorporate the Mercy-ing App into course meeting times.

At the beginning of each class, students take three minutes to reflect on the Mercy-ing prompt for the day. In some locations, students access the prompt on their own devices. In the Education classroom, Janice uses the Visual Presenter to present the daily prompt. This time at the beginning of class helps the students to settle and focus their attention on simple gestures everyone can do to share mercy with one another.