The Grace Babies Project: Saving Infant Lives in Third-World Countries

Every day 16,394 children will die around the world, many from curable diseases. The Grace Babies Curriculum aims to save some of those lives through education.

The Grace Babies Curriculum will be a unique online course designed to provide health care workers in poverty-ridden locations with the practical, relevant, and accessible education needed to help save infant lives.

Grace Babies was started under the leadership of nurse practitioner Wendy Cowles. It has also been actively supported by videographer Mike Vayda, who has made several trips to India to capture footage used for instructional videos in the Grace Babies Curriculum.

Recently, Saint Joseph’s College Instructional Designer, Tony Schwieterman, and Associate Professor of Nursing, Ruth Smillie, have worked closely with Mike and Wendy to redesign classroom-based instruction into online modules that can be delivered in fully online or hybrid formats.

Interested in finding out more about the Grace Babies Curriculum and the impact that it is having? Visit the blog for more information and to sign up for regular updates about the work that Notfar is doing to help individuals worldwide escape poverty.

Hi Everyone,

Similar to last month, I will be offering two workshops in January.

Justin Sparks  Instructional Technologist

Justin Sparks
Instructional Technologist

Pre-requisite Instructor LMS Basic Training

• Brightspace Tools Overview – Tuesday, January 6th (2-3PM EST)
• Brightspace Discussions Overview – Wednesday, January 7th (2-3PM EST)

Please remember these are not required, however they are a supplement to the training course you are currently taking or finished. As noted last week, the first workshop will be an overview of the Brigthspace toolset. I will go over all of the tools in the system and touch on what they can do. The second workshop will go over the discussion forums tool. This tool is probably the tool that you will be utilizing the most in the Brightspace system. Because of this, we would like to offer a more in depth look at the discussions tool.

Please Note :  If you are unable to attend the live workshops at the listed time, I will be recording these workshops for on-demand viewing.

Registering: To register for the workshop, we have utilized the self-registration feature with the Brightspace system.

The video How to register for the Workshops course will walk you through this process.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


~ Justin

Two minutes (or less!) with the Wellehan Library

Shelly Davis Director of Library Services

Shelly Davis
Director of Library Services

When it comes to copyright, I encourage you to practice compliance by avoidance.

Click on the picture for my (two minutes or less!) video message.



Janice Murphy

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery Coordinator

Janice Murphy

I am responsible for obtaining and supplying materials to other libraries. The fun part of my work is tracking down books or conference papers, essays and other professional documents along with thousands of journal articles. It is a little bit like solving a puzzle. In FY 2013-14, we supplied 4,000 items to other institutions. We also obtained over 5,500 items for SJC students and faculty.

When I am not working, I really enjoy crossword puzzles, cribbage, old movies and of course, books. I love spy thrillers and mysteries. I believe the best spy novel of all time is “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold” by John le Carre. The best place to be reading this book is on the beach where a devoted sun lover like me spends every available moment.