Instructional Design Tidbits

By Tony Schwieterman

One of the early lessons I learned as an Instructional Designer was, that I developed my courses the hard way. I wanted to put all the content that I was going to teach into the course. Then, I had to figure out how to test the students on that content.

One day, I was working with a group that taught me an easier way to develop a course. I have always called it the Developer’s Order. It is also referred to as Backwards Design.
Start with your objective/outcome. Want do you want the student to learn or be able to do? Next, develop your assessment. How will you measure that outcome? The third step is setting up some practice and feedback. You will want to let students test out their knowledge. Finally, it is now time to develop the content. What will you need to give to students so that they can meet the objective/outcome.

I have found this a much more efficient way to develop and organize my courses, modules, classes and lessons.

Two Minutes (or Less!) with the Wellehan Library

If you help us build it, they will come.
The approaching end of baseball season has me thinking about…collection development. Click on the picture for my (two minutes or less!) video message.


Shelly Davis

Director of Library Services

Meet the Brightspace Training and Support Team


Jon Blake, Online Course Support Specialist
Jon serves as the first point of contact for the Course Support helpdesk, working with faculty to help troubleshoot and resolve problems with the Brightspace platform. During the Brightspace migration, Jon will be providing individual and group training on a variety of Brightspace topics. He will also continue to provide ANGEL support for students and faculty.


Justin Sparks, Instructional Technologist
As Instructional Technologist, Justin is responsible for the technical setup and administration of the Brightspace platform. During the migration, he will be expanding his workshop series to provide online and campus faculty with training on a variety of Brightspace topics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Manthony

Tony Schwieterman, Lead Instructional Designer
Tony works directly with faculty to provide instructional design consulting on topics such as learning outcomes, rubrics, and assessments. He is also responsible for developing the introductory training for Brightspace, and redesigning the New Faculty Orientation and other training opportunities for online and campus faculty.


Hannah McGowan, Course Technology Production Coordinator
Hannah provides support for faculty in preparing the online classrooms each term, managing the relationship with our textbook vendor, and training new instructors to use the Brightspace platform. During the migration, she will be providing individual and group training on a variety of Brightspace topics.


Kareem Myrick, IT Helpdesk Manager
Kareem serves as the IT liaison to CIDET, and will continue to work closely with the CIDET team on training and support for the campus faculty.