Work. . . an update.

Don’t get too excited just yet. While the snow is all but gone winter is not yet over. This is the time of year that too many folks, in an effort to conquer cabin fever, start work in their gardens much too early. Soft moist ground calls out to all of us who can’t wait to play in the soil, but this time of year it is the sirens that are calling and not the soil.

“Put in your plants. Transplant your seedlings.” They cry.

Its just too early. Now is the time to get those long season crops, and even some of your early brassicas started inside. Keep an eye on that forecast. Snow, hard frosts, and extended cold snaps can do tremendous damage to your seedlings and will cause seeds to rot rather than germinate.

Here on the farm lambs have started and kids are soon to follow. We have all of our tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, early season broccoli, and cauliflower in the greenhouse, and the end walls are up on the new high tunnel. The most exciting things, though, have little to do with agriculture. Under the supervision of our own Chuck Dawes, renovations on the old stone barn have begun. The work is putting a squeeze on the inhabitants of the barn as the pastures aren’t quite ready yet, but the discomfort is promising to be short lived.

The great hall is presently getting a new, level floor and reinforcement to the tired old supporting beams. The hallways that connect the great hall to the two wings are also being leveled, and new doors added. The most controversial piece of work is the house. While it is super cool old space it is past it’s prime, so to speak, and could never be made to be as functional as we dream. It’s fate is to come down. . . but don’t panic. We will be replacing it in the future with a more functional space that fits with the look of the barn (I think I heard that the new building’s exterior will look just like the old house. . .but let’s wait and see what’s coming.).

We are encouraging visitors to hold off on coming out until a little later in the spring as there is heavy equipment and construction going on everywhere. I promise to keep you posted on progress as I become aware of it right here so stay tuned!

In the meantime . . . enjoy this beautiful weather!