Spring and new life

After a break from the internet the time seemed right to come back online. So many events in the past couple of years has created a log jam of information and we felt it important to reach out and share!

In the years since we started blogging many changes have taken place. Those early years came with much uncertainty about the permanence of the farm here at Saint Joseph’s College. As we grew and diversified and reached out to the community our roots, like those of the plants in our fields, grew and took hold. With the coming of what is now our current administration not only have we felt truly part of the college, but the pace of change has increased from a jog to an all out sprint.

I reference new life in the title because as I write this post we have begun the 2016 lambing season. Our first two Katahdin lambs were born in the early hours of Saturday morning. Three other ewes are promising to deliver within the week, and so begins the ‘busy season’. First lambs, then kids, then the vegetables will go in the ground. Our winter, which is never truly slow, has started to pick up pace in preparation for spring. Soon the season will run away with us. . . again.

Much like the new biological life on the farm there is also infrastructural life sprouting. Many years of, let’s not call it neglect but perhaps uncertainty, have come to an end as renovations begin on the old stone barn. Driving in to my office this morning I passed the heavy equipment pulling into repair the foundations and floors. Soon the space will take on new shape as a wedding and events venue.

Don’t fret, we will retain our place in the northeast wing for the moment. Soon, though, we anticipate change as plans are underway to construct a new, modernized livestock barn, better suited to our particular needs, and the ever evolving food safety laws. In the space between times – the then and the future – we will continue our work in the stone barn delivering lambs, educating students, and the community, and preparing for the first planting of the year.

There are more exciting changes than can be adequately cataloged here without losing your attention, so I will  be diligent in sprinkling information across coming posts. In the meantime we encourage you to swing out for a visit to see all of the excitement as we continue to ‘grow healthy community and healthy food’.