Know Your Farmers

Alyssa Dolan came to the farm as a volunteer in the autumn of 2009. Nearly 6 years later, in July of 2015, Alyssa was hired full time as the assistant farm manager. AlyssaHer focus is the farm’s  business arm, developing our wholesale operation; reaching farther out into the greater Portland area and strengthening our economic sustainability. In her spare time Alyssa reads, travels abroad, and scours the internet for new ways to cook kohlrabi.

Aprille Hibbard ’16 came to us as a freshman. A biology major with a pre-med focus, Aprille runs much of our on campus programming. When not designing our on campus communications or putting together our sign-up sheets Aprille has been managing her senior seminar project studying ducklings in the barn. When not at the farm Ms. Hibbard is hard at work in the Mercy Center.



Kirsten Greenway ’17, psychology major with a minor in biology started on the farm in the autumn of 2013. When not working with the rabbits she can be found reading, singing, or learning to snowboard.

“Michial, we really need to buy a four foot long bunny!”

                                                                                                  – Kirsten



Abby Cook ’17 joined the farm crew before beginning her college career.  Abby began volunteering with her family the summer prior to her freshman year. She loves the animals and the work and wanted to become better acquainted with the farm and the college. A fine arts major, Abby can always be found studying the lines and the light in the barn.





Garrett Forss ’18 After two years volunteering Garrett joined ‘the crew’ in the autumn of 2015. When not clearing undergrowth Garrett is focused on his studies. As a history major with a concentration in education, Mr. Forss hopes to teach history while living simply on a small homestead.






Jessica Morrissette ’19 a biology major with a focus on pre-veterinary science came to us in the fall of 2015. Her hobbies include reading, and tennis. When not indulging in these activities or studying she can be found working on the farm especially with the animals.