Saint Joseph's College Online - Summer 2014

Join us this summer at Saint Joseph’s College in Southern Maine for “Autism in Society: Youth and Adults, High School and Beyond”.

Autism statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identify around 1 in 88 American children as on the autism spectrum. Increasingly, these students are enrolling into mainstream classrooms.

Whether you’ve yet to have an autistic student in your classroom or you work with one every day, it’s important you’re prepared to help that student succeed. Saint Joseph’s has designed a special topics course to help you do just that. 

This 5-day immersion course focuses on special topics for working with youth on the spectrum. The course will explore issues for older children and young adults, including transitioning to college and career, dating and relationships, and other “real life” realities and challenges. It will be of particular interest to those who would like more understanding about autism in adolescence and young adulthood. It is available for academic credits or CEUs.


Date:  July 7-11, 2014
Saint Joseph’s College on Sebago Lake, 278 Whites Bridge Rd, Standish, ME 04084

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Each session of the 5-day program is filled with speakers and activities that run the gamut from informative to inspirational. Designed for teachers, administrators, and special education personnel, this timely symposium provides participants the opportunity to explore issues, themes, and strategies for students of all ages on the Autism Spectrum, focusing on those with High Functioning Autism/Asperger’s.

For more information or to register, visit us online or call 800-752-4723.

We hope to see you in July! | 1-800-752-4723 | 278 Whites Bridge Road, Standish, ME 04084